Richard Benson

Month: January, 2013

Mining couture might sound ridiculous, but it isn’t

My friend Alice Fisher, who works for the Observer newspaper, sent me the press release for this book because she knew I was working on a book about a mining family. She thought it was a perverse idea for a book, I said that strange as it may seem, there have been quite a few […]

Miguel is not very good at audience politics

I went to see Miguel at the Kentish Town Forum with my friend Ekow tonight. Here’s Miguel on stage singing his big hit, Adorn. You will observe that the photo is very blurred. There is a good reason for this. Miguel has a strong following among teenage girls – somewhat stronger than we had realised. […]

Plough Wednesday

I’ve just arrived back at home from the Plough Wednesday service at St Paul’s Cathedral, organised by the Addington Fund. The Addington Fund, who I’ve worked with for 8 years, does truly marvellous things for farms and country villages, providing affordable homes for farmers who have retired, or who work in farming but can’t afford a […]

History repeated once as tragedy, twice as farce, and finally as a fancy dress outfit

I found this in Camden this afternoon. I wondered if it should be ‘top, trousers and hat’ or ‘top trousers and hat’?