Richard Benson

Month: June, 2013

I think I might have spotted a new form of grafitti in north London

The one on the left is on Blackstock Road in Finsbury Park, London, the other on the Regent’s Canal near King’s Cross. I am now hoping to see the third which will confirm it as a trend.

The Idler summer party

I’m trying to post this while sitting on a wall outside the Idler summer party, which is at their shop on Westbourne Park Road. It is very literary and bohemian. Tom Hodgkinson, who runs the Idler with his wife Victoria gave a funny speech, though sadly he didn’t play the ukelele as he sometimes does. Here’s […]


‘Daddy, the ugly sisters are jealous of Cinderella because of her beauty,’ said Eliza, our three-year-old daughter, this morning. And then, ‘What is beauty?’