Richard Benson

Month: August, 2013

Seamus Heaney

My wife has just come into the shed and mentioned that Seamus Heaney has died, and now I’m sitting here with that feeling you get after the death of well-known person whom you felt was somehow speaking to/for you when you were young. In my memory Heaney’s poetry is knotted up with Mrs Hirst, my […]

Scotch Pie £1.60

I’m in Scotland with my family, staying with my wife’s mother in Edinburgh. When we’re here I usually go to watch Dunfermline Athletic play with a friend called Ron. This afternoon Ron drove us to watch them play away at Stenhousemuir. It was an incredible game. Stenhousemuir went 3-0 up just after half time, but […]


In Yorkshire for the week with the girls, I am driving in the car with my mum when I notice my late father’s flat cap in the storage compartment of her door. When we arrive at the house she takes the cap in with her and lays it on the adjustable armchair that the bought […]

What Does Your Lunch Say About You?

Here’s the House of St Barnabas’ video of Bug‘s What Does Your Lunch Say About You? talk last month. I find looking at myself on videos a bit painful, but it’s very nicely done. And Tom Viney has an incredible beard.