Richard Benson

Month: October, 2013

Slaughterhouse 5 on vinyl

Buried treasure from YouTube here – the first of several parts of a recording of Kurt Vonegut reading Slaughterhouse 5. Not only is it Vonnegut’s own version, but it’s also from a vinyl LP copy, so has that warmth and scratchiness that feel so easy on the ears. Lovely.

The meaning of a Louis Vuitton binbag

Visiting the Best of Britannia trade exhibition in Clerkenwell I see the backlash against digital media is being kickstarted by Artomatic, a ‘physical communications agency’. It makes you wonder if in future everything not digital, virtual or synthetic ¬†will feel compelled to add the ‘physical’ or “real” prefixes. Anyway I suppose it’s an interesting idea, […]

Modern masterpieces versus the beep and ringtone

Laura and I went to hear a short programme of music by Stockhausen and Boulez last night. It was part of the Southbank Centre’s The Rest Is Noise festival. I’m interested in how the experiments of this era relates to post-1960s electronic pop music, and had expected the auditorium to be half full of young […]