The Laurin. M. memorial toilet


Roger Bucklesby and his bench may have turned out to be a semi-hoax, but this commemoration, which I came across today, is entirely genuine.

The small plaque adorns a wall of the customer toilets in Scarborough’s celebrated Harbour Bar ice cream parlour. I was curious about it because the toilet is in its own way stunning, being a marvel of red and primrose yellow formica, and infinitely-reflecting mirrored walls. Did Laurin leave a positive review of the facility, and end up rewarded, I asked a supervisor?

No, she said. Laurin led this. The staff suspected that they knew who she was – one of the leaders of a group who protested against some gates the Harbour Bar owner had sought to build at the back of the property. The review was probably revenge, she said, certainly baseless as it “mentioned a filthy  toilet, whereas our toilets have always been cleaned every hour.”